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We are an indipendent microbrewery producing craft-beer with rigour and passion. Everyday rigour and passion are our driving force, suppliers and raw materials are selected scrupulously to obtain the best results in every single step of the production process. On the basis of our rigour we have taken care of the details of the brewery, and also of our studies about the world of beer: the history, the different styles, the tasting, the methods of analysis, the different regulations.
On the basis of our passion we travelled around Europe, from Germany to Belgium, from Austria to England, looking for the secrets and the phylosopies owned by the brewmasters, that could help us to develop our ideas and direction.
At the end of this crazy travel around the world of beer...but, in fact, the travel will never finish...we decided to discover the complexity of the simplicity, our beers don't present so many frills but want to be succesful, stable over time and collect the choice of a wide audience.